How Divi AI Helps with Website Creation?

Divi AI

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in recent months. Almost everyone has tried generating an image or asking AI a question. However, using AI solely for entertainment would be a bit of a waste. If you have your own website and want to save time and money in content creation, you might want to try the AI Divi tool, which we will look at more closely in today’s article.

What is Divi AI?

If you use WordPress, you probably don’t need a lengthy introduction. The Divi theme is one of the most used paid templates from Elegant Themes, for several reasons. Among a long list of advantages, Divi AI has been added, which will help you with content and graphic creation for your website, directly in the Visual Builder.

Although this tool is paid, you can try all its features for free. Of course, you will need the Divi theme mentioned earlier to use it.

Graphic and Image Assistant

If you are tired of constantly creating your own images, illustrations, and photos, or browsing through photo banks, you will first appreciate Divi AI mainly for its image generation feature. The process is quite simple – just specify the style and theme of the image, and in a short while, AI will generate four unique images. And as you may already know from working with artificial intelligence, you can edit one of the images or generate more variants to get the exact result you want. The possibilities are limitless, whether you need a 2D or 3D image, an illustration, or a photograph.

You will especially appreciate the image generation feature based on references if you like the template you are currently using, but it has some flaws, or maybe it doesn’t match the theme. Just give AI instructions and you will get a result with the same theme or composition, adjusted exactly as you need.

Divi Helps with Content Too

Apart from images, another essential part of every website is content, or text. Don’t worry, Divi AI can handle articles without any problems. Just click on the corresponding button directly in the content field, enter a prompt, and look forward to the result.

Prefer having a human behind your texts but lack ideas? Divi AI can be a very useful helper in this regard. You don’t have to ask it for a finished text, but maybe just an idea for a topic, a headline, or an outline, which you can then expand on yourself.

Finally, you can let Divi AI improve, summarize, lengthen, or even change the tone of your existing text from informal to formal. It can save you a lot of time that you would spend rewriting, proofreading your own texts, or thinking up catchy headlines and meaningful outlines. If you are not confident in writing in a foreign language, but would like to have a multilingual website or blog, automatic translation will also come in handy.

Other Useful Features of Divi AI

However, the capabilities of Divi AI don’t end there. All the above-mentioned features can be combined into one – generating entire texts and accompanying images for them, without the need for input. Divi simply “copies” the style, theme, and overall context of your website and creates complete content exactly as you imagine.

And soon there will be much more! In the near future, we can expect more practical uses of artificial intelligence, such as generating code directly in the Divi Builder using natural language. There should also be a library of prompts, which will allow you to save your favorite prompts for later, or the ability to modify individual parts of an image directly in the editor, adjust their size, or generatively fill empty spaces. Divi AI promises a revolution in web development and online content creation.


In summary, Divi AI emerges as a transformative tool for web developers and content creators, integrating the power of artificial intelligence into the familiar environment of WordPress. Offering a range of features from image generation to content improvement and multilingual translation, it simplifies and streamlines the creative process. Its potential for future advancements, including code generation and a prompts library, positions Divi AI not just as a current asset but also as a future-forward solution. This positions Divi AI as a valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their website’s design and content with efficiency and creativity.